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Sébastien Lyon

Ex-Executive Director - Unicef


Sebastien’s career in humanitarian activities speaks for itself. After graduating from one of the top French business schools, ESSEC Paris, in 2003, Sebastien started his career in Kabul, Afghanistan at ACTED. Later, as ACTED’s CFO, he has supervised over 1,000 humanitarian support projects in more than 40 countries, launched a network of micro finance institutions (OXUS) and issued a charity bond to foster ACTED scale up. From 2012 to February 2021, Sebastien was the CFO and then the Executive Director at UNICEF France. Over 7 years in this position, Sebastien has advocated for child rights and raised funds for UNICEF international programs. He has fostered digital transformation and successfully launched Game chaingers, the first ever crypto fundraising campaign for UNICEF.Early believer of the potential of blockchain for sustainable development, Sebastien founded the UNICEF cryptofund, supported by ETH Foundation. Since 2019, this crypto fund has invested in 20+ Blockchain for Good projects. Since summer 2021, Sebastien has joined UNICEF Senegal as a Strategic Advisor to support its youth-led partner Consortium Jeunesse Senegal (CJS) to drive change for African youth through access to education, notably for developing entrepreneurship skills with a strong focus on digital.

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